Monday, October 26, 2009

Greg Boyd gets it right ... again

A great sermon from my boy Greg Boyd up in Minneapolis. He talks about our Christian propensity to default to 'getting people saved' while ignoring issues of justice and hurt. Also, challenges us to realize that anything that divides us as humans is the enemy controlling us. The results being animosity, blame, war, etc. Also a fantastic challenge for us to vacate the idea that 'helping the poor' means giving them the American dream. Check it out.

-Click on "God's Heart for the Poor" on 10/11/2009

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Stephanie said...

hey dan, have you ever read anything by Tim Keller? He's a pastor in New York and talks a lot about Good Deeds in connection tot he gospel. He spoke at our National Crusade Staff Conference this summer and it was great. I want to read some of his stuff but haven't had a chance yet. Just thought you might enjoy it.